Alfa Romeo Servicing and Repairs

Alfa Romeos deserve to be well looked after during their lifespan. With regular servicing, repairs and MOTs, you can keep your Alfa Romeo performing well and running efficiently. Here at Simonstone Motor Group in Bristol & Somerset, we can take care of all of these for you.

Trained by Alfa Romeo, you can rely on our expert team to keep your car in excellent condition. Our experience of working on Alfa Romeos, along with our specialist knowledge of the brand, allows us to quickly notice any problems and then fix them properly. For extra help in detecting more underlying problems, we use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools. On top of this, we always ensure that there is a master technician on site to oversee any diagnoses and repairs.

To keep your Alfa Romeo running as it should, it’s recommended that you have it serviced frequently. During a service, we will replace a series of items that naturally wear out from constant use, in addition to checking the whole of your Alfa Romeo thoroughly for any other problems. You will be given an analysis of your car’s health and we’ll point out any issues that should be fixed to avoid a breakdown and a further fault.

If your Alfa Romeo needs a repair, however large or small, we can take care of it at the workshop. We use state-of-the-art repair tools to carry out all restorations, both for the bodywork and the mechanics. Where replacement parts are needed, we’ll ensure that they come directly from Alfa Romeo to help retain your car’s value.

We are keen to save you money wherever we can, so we often have deals in place including both long-standing offers and seasonal promotions. You can find the latest offers listed on this page.

Book your Alfa Romeo in for a service or repair at the Bristol showroom by calling us or making an enquiry.