Hyundai Accident Aftercare

In the event of an accident, call Hyundai First before your insurer on 0844 836 7381

Hyundai Accident AfterCare is free and available 24 hours a day if you have an accident.

As we know your vehicle, we can do something no insurer can – manage the entire insurance claim process for you and guarantee the highest quality repair to Hyundai standards. Call Hyundai First regardless of whose fault it was. No hassle, no claims forms and no cost.

Shouldn’t I call my insurer first?

No. Many UK insurers want to repair your Hyundai as cheaply as possible – so they will send you to a repair centre to suit them rather than you. The bodyshop is unlikely to know your vehicle, operate to the latest Hyundai repair standards as we do, or have the latest equipment or technical knowledge.

They may even avoid using genuine parts – and that could affect your Hyundai’s safety and resale value.

It’s your right You might think you have to do everything your insurer says – but you don’t. When you call Hyundai First, our dedicated team will exercise your right to have your Hyundai repaired at a Hyundai approved accident repair centre. One that operates to Hyundai repair standards and only uses Hyundai Genuine Parts, keeping your Hyundai 100% Hyundai, 100% safe.

It’s free, and it only takes one call:

0844 836 7381

For more details, please make an enquiry.

Guaranteed Benefits: Hyundai Accident Aftercare Aviva Direct Line Most UK Insurers
Free Courtesy car for all accident when required by a Hyundai approved accident repair centre
Repairs using only Hyundai Genuine Parts and Panels
Repaired only at a Hyundai approved accident repair centre
Protection of your Hyundai's mechanical, body and anti-corrosion warranty
Safety standards preserved by fitting only Hyundai Genuine Parts
Repair Guarantee at a Hyundai approved accident repair centre 5 Years 0 Years 0 Years ?
Free nationwide recovery to a Hyundai approved accident repair centre
Residual value and resale appeal preserved by fitting Hyundai Genuine Parts
Keep Your Hyundai 100% Hyundai